Student Printing

iprint.pngIrvine Valley College's Student Print Queue system allows you to:

  • Add files to your Printer queue from on or off campus
  • Email a file to your Printer queue
  • Pay with credit card
  • Print double-sided to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Make color copies
  • Release print jobs at any of the student print locations at IVC.
  • Release print jobs at IVC that were printed at one of Saddleback's student print locations and vice versa

To be ready to print when you arrive on campus, you must first Register and Add Funds to your account.  This can be done on or off campus.

How do I add funds for printing?

To add funds, login at with your college username and password.

Click on the Add Funds link.

add funds

On the Add Funds screen enter the Amount you wish to add to your account. (min. = $5, max. = $20), check the Agreement box and click Continue to Payment.

You will be redirected to our payment management vendor to complete the transaction. Follow the on-screen instructions. We accept Visa or MasterCard.

Once the transaction is complete, you will be redirected back to the SOCCCD Student Print Center.

The funds are added to your “User Pays” purse.

Where are the IVC Student print locations?

You will find student printers available in the;

  • Library
  • Adult ESL Center (B 382)
  • Language Acquisition Center (B 354)
  • Math Center (B 363)
  • Student Success Center (BSTIC 110)
  • Writing Center (LA 103)

How do I add a document to my Student Print Queue?

Documents will remain in your student print queue for 72 hours.

OPTION 1: Print from an IVC or Saddleback campus computer

Sit down at any student computer on campus and print your document using one of the student print queues, IVC B&W or IVC COLOR
Select print options (i.e. single sided, double sided, copies, etc.) before printing your document as these options cannot be changed later.

OPTION 2: Upload in SOCCCD Student Print Center

You can submit print jobs by uploading them via the SOCCCD Student Print Center. Login with your college username and password at (accessible from on or off campus).  Click the Upload icon and then browse to the location of the document you want to print.

Documents will be uploaded as Black & White and Double Sided by default. Adjust Print Options if needed.

NOTE: Uploading documents to print is not supported on iOS devices.

How do I email a document to my Student Print Queue?

From your College Student Email account, you can send documents as attachments to

NOTE: You must send the email from your college email account.

You will receive a return email with a link to the SOCCCD Student Print Center:

Click the link provided in the email and then log in to the Print Center using your college username and password.

Adjust any Print Options as needed.

How do I print documents in my Student Print Queue?

IVC and Saddleback College have a shared student print system. Once a document has been added to your student print queue, it can be released for print at any IVC or Saddleback student designated printer or copier. Using the "Print Release" button on the Campus Printers. For details view: studentprint-releasingdocument.pdf