Online Course Orientation

General Online Course Orientation

If this is the first time you will be taking an online class at Irvine Valley College, follow the links below to complete the required tutorials:

Now that you have completed the tutorials, you may go to the specific online course orientation information for your course. Online course orientation info for your specific course is indicated directly on the Class Schedule. Navigate to your specific course section for the orientation info.

If you have problems with any links, please report them to Technical Support at (949) 451-5696.

Required Online Course Orientation

Some Online Courses have a required course-specific orientation. This information is located on the Class Schedule, under each section listed as an Online Course. The course-specific orientation varies according to each course and instructor.

Some Online Courses require you complete an orientation, or you will be dropped from the course, no exceptions.  Your teacher will inform you and it will be in your course syllabus.

Online Courses may require proctored exams.

Please make certain you can meet the requirements prior to registering for a fully Online Course.


Starting with the Basics!

Ensure you computer and browser will work with Canvas.

What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas?

Which browsers does Canvas support?

NOTE: The latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge browser is supported by Canvas.  Edge may not work with some Book Publisher sites you need to access via Canvas.  We recommend using the Google Chrome browser.


Quest (Student Online Readiness)

Quest is a series of learning modules that are designed to help you prepare for taking an online course.  The end of each module includes a quiz.  After completion, submit your scores if directed to do so, by your instructor.

If you are already a registered student, and have successfully accessed your IVC or Saddleback email account, you can self-enroll with your Username (not full email address) and email Password (not PIN). 

To self-enroll go to:

Once have successfully enrolled in Quest (Student Online Readiness), click the "Go to the Course" button.

NOTE: Some instructors use this as an assignment; after completing all modules required by your instructor, click on the Grades button on the course navigation menu and screen capture all your results and save it as a file in in any of the designated common graphic file formats (GIF, JPG, PNG, etc).

Then go to your to course to submit your results (i.e., the file of the screen capture of your Quest scores).  Instructors requiring this have created an assignment enabling you to submit your results.

For step by step instructions, please download the Quest Online Student Readiness document.

Helpful Links

Canvas Student Guide - Guide to assist students in accessing and working in Canvas.

Mobile Guides - Canvas Student - The Canvas Student app is the mobile version of Canvas that helps students stay current with their courses anywhere. Download the Canvas Student app on Android and iOS devices.

OEI Online Learner Readiness site - Website setup by the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative to help make sure students are ready for online classes.

8-minute exercise to help online learners overcome obstacles - Article from Stanford University to help online learners overcome obstacles.


For answers to many Canvas related questions, please look at Canvas Issues.