Login Issues


  • Pay attention to what the login screen is asking for: 'Username', 'Email', 'Student ID Number', 'Password' and/or 'Pin'.
  • Make sure to enter the requested credential.
  • For clarification on the different credentials and for specific system login help, see below. 

Do you need to reset your password?

Do you need to reset your pin?

  • Click here to set a new pin. You'll need to enter your username OR student ID number and click continue. Then, provide the answer to your secret question to update your pin. 

Mysite Login Issues


  • There are two sets of logins you can use to log in to Mysite. They cannot be interchanged. 
    • Student ID Number and PIN. This is the default login method here. Simply enter your Student ID Number, Pin, and hit 'Login'.
      • You can click 'Forgot Pin' on that page to recover your pin. 
    • Username and Password. You must click the 'Login With Username and Password' button on the default login page here.
      • You can click 'Forgot Password' at the username and password login page to reset your password 

Email Login Issues


  • You can login to email via the link at the top of the IVC Home Page OR by clicking the envelope icon in Mysite
  • When logging into email, you can use your username OR full email address. 
  • You must use your current IVC password. PIN will not work at this login
  • Emails are for actively enrolled students. The district deactivates student emails after a semester of inactivity, not counting summer semesters. If you aren't an active student and you cannot log in, your email account was probably deactivated.
  • It takes up to 24 hours after you receive your 'Permit to Register' email from Admissions for your email account to be created. You will get a second email with your email account login info once it has been created.
  • If you are getting directed to another Office 365 mailbox when you log in, you will need to clear the cache in your browser, or login from an Incognito or Private window. Only one Office 365 account can be logged into a browser at a time. 


Canvas Login Issues


  • Log in to Canvas with your College Username and Password. You cannot log in to Canvas with your Full Email address, or Student ID number and Pin. 
  • You will not be able to log in to Canvas until you have registered for a class.
  • It takes at least 4-6 hours after registering for your first class to be able to log in to Canvas as there is a delay between Mysite registration and Canvas.
  • Additionally, it can take up to the first day of class before you can log in. This is dependent on when your first class is 'published' by your instructor in Canvas. 


Campus Computer Login Issues

Campus Computers:

  • Login to Campus Computers with your Username or EMail and Password
  • If you have a Saddleback email address, you'll need to login with your full saddleback email address

WiFi Login Issues


  • Login to to WiFi with your full email address and password
  • See our wifi access info page for more details

Student Print Services Login Issues

Student Print Services

  • Login to to print services with your full email address and password

Other system login issues


  • For any other systems, be sure to check if the login page is asking for your Username, Email address, or Student ID. Make sure to enter the requested credential.  


What is my Username and Password?

Username and Password

  • Username: Your username is the first part of your IVC Email address, before the @ sign. For example, the IVC Email address jdoe99@ivc.edu has the username jdoe99
  • Password: Your password is your IVC email password. Your initial password is your 4 digit pin that you set up during your application process + two zeros (Ex. Pin = 1234, Default Password = 123400). Once you change that initial password, you will need to reset your password if you have forgotten it. See our 'Reset Password' page for instructions.

What is my Student Number and Pin?

Student Number and Pin

  • Student ID Number: Your Student Number is a 7 digit number. It was emailed to you once your application was processed. The email would have come from admissions@ivc.edu. If you do not know your Student Number, contact Admissions and Records to retrieve it
  • Pin: Your pin is the 4 digit number you setup during your application process.