Email Issues


See the FAQ Below for answers to common questions. 

How do I activate my email account

There is nothing you need to do to activate your email account.

Your email account is automatically created as part of the student onboarding process with Admissions and Records. It normally takes a full 24 hours after you receive the 'Permit to Register' email from Admissions for your account to be created.

You should then receive another email from Admissions with the Subject, 'IVC Student Account Information' which includes your college email account login information.

You will then be able to log in to email by going to and clicking email at the top of the page or clicking the envelope icon in Mysite. If you go through Mysite, you may be prompted to update your password before logging in.

How do I reset my password?

See the Reset Password page for information.

How do I forward my IVC Email to another email account?

Login to Mysite

Click the profile Icon in the top right. It looks like a person's head and shoulders.

Click 'Edit' next to 'Contact Information'

Scroll down to the 'Personal' section.

Enter or update the email address in the 'Forward Emails To:' field

Click 'Update' at the bottom of the page

Go to your forwarding email address to open the message and click the link to confirm your email

Can I keep my IVC Email account after I leave IVC?

Student email accounts are deactivated after a student is no longer actively enrolled in a course at the South Orange County Community College District.

Why is my email no longer accessible?

College email accounts are for actively enrolled students only. The District deletes email accounts after a semester of inactivity. There is no way to recover emails after this has happened. You will need to re-apply to the school to gain access to a student email again.

What is my "Canvas Inbox"?

The Canvas Inbox is the messaging app used in Canvas, it is not connected to your IVC Email account.


The Canvas Inbox is not your IVC Email.

The messaging app may be set to send notifications to your IVC Email address.


How do I use the Canvas Inbox?

See the Canvas Issues page for information on Canvas features.


How do I access Office 365 online?

This is how you access Office 365 when you are online.