Laptop Loan: Information

Laptop Loans Available

Irvine Valley College is committed to providing the resources necessary to our most impacted students during the campus closure. 

We have a limited number of laptops available to eligible IVC students. They are offered at NO COST to students, granted they are returned by the stated due date with no damages.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I qualify for a laptop?

  1. Be enrolled in classes at Irvine Valley College (priority may be given to those enrolled full-time if supplies run low)

  2. Sign a Terms & Conditions waiver before receiving the device


**International and AB-540/Undocumented Students are also eligible for laptop loans**

Am I guaranteed a laptop?

No, supplies are limited. We are going to do our very best to supply every student in need with a laptop, but not every student who applies may receive a laptop.

How long will the process take?

Please allow about 2 weeks to receive a response from your laptop application. We are responding to many requests for laptops and will get to yours as soon as we can.

How will I receive my laptop?

We will set up periodic laptop pickup days at Irvine Valley College Campus. These are drive up events where you will remain in your car the whole time. If you are approved to receive a laptop we will contact you via your IVC or Saddleback student email address with instructions.

What are the Laptop Loan Terms and Conditions?

Technology Services
Laptop Loan
Terms & Conditions


To be eligible, students must be currently enrolled in courses for the current Semester at Irvine Valley College. Laptops will be issued on an individual basis at the program’s discretion.


Authorized Use

The borrower must present a valid form of identification at the time of checkout. Only the borrower is authorized to use the laptop. Borrower agrees not to lend, share or otherwise provide access to the laptop and/or hotspot to any person other than staff of the Office of Technology Services.


In accordance with Administrative Regulation 5401, all students must abide by the College’s

Standards of Conduct and could face discipline for any violations outlined therein.


The laptop is intended for academic use only. Any use of the laptop for other purposes is not authorized by IVC. Students are required only to use these laptops for educational purposes; any violations can constitute revocation of privileges and potential disciplinary action (See: Board Policy 4014).


Loss of Data

IVC is not responsible for the loss of any data, regardless of the cause. The borrower is strongly encouraged to use removable media such as a flash drive to store work. All data on the laptop will be deleted upon its return.



The borrower is responsible for the safe return of the laptop to the Office of Technology

Services. The laptop must be returned on or before:


Tuesday, December 22, 2020 by 5pm.


IVC reserves the right to require the return of the laptop at any time prior to the end of the term if the student becomes ineligible or violates the Terms & Conditions.


Financial Liability

A late fee ($25/day) will be charged to the borrower’s account for returning the laptop and/or hotspot after the due date. If the laptop and/or hotspot is not returned for any reason, or if the laptop and/or hotspot is returned with damage, the borrower will be held financially responsible for the full cost of the laptop, which is $1,100.



If there is a need to make any changes to the laptop or you encounter any problems with the devices and its accessories, you must work directly with the IVC Technology Services Office.


At no time are you allowed to reconfigure the laptop, download, modify or delete any functions to the equipment.


You are responsible for the return of all borrowed equipment by the stated deadline or a hold will be placed on your records.


The returned laptop with charger must be in good working condition. If the equipment is returned in a damaged condition, you will be held responsible for current replacement costs and a hold will be placed on your college record until the item has been paid for.


The Technology Services Office staff has the right to take possession of the equipment at any time without prior notice. If staff has reasonable grounds to believe the equipment is being used in violation of any policies, Irvine Valley College and/South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) Board policies and administration regulations, it will result in disciplinary action. We highly encourage students to reference both Board Policy 4014 and Administrative Regulation 5401.



Laptop Loan: Application

In order to qualify for a loan, students MUST: 

  • Enrolled as a current student at Irvine Valley College for Fall 2020. 
  • Provide a valid Student ID or government issued Photo ID for verification.
  • Be willing to digitally sign a Terms and Conditions document.


Your application will be reviewed and we will follow up with the status of your request for a laptop.

For questions, please use the Technical Support Chat option to the right, when Live Chat is not available you may click the button to be directed to a support request form.

Laptop Checkout Requirements:

Student Information:

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